Thursday, July 2, 2009

You've Got To Measure Something...

As you know I've been a fitness author and professional for the past 6-years and I get hundreds of emails each week for specific fat loss nutrition answers.

I enjoy you're email and it's a highlight of my day to chat with you but I also get EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED with many emails I receive.

Just yesterday I got an email from someone who asked if they should cut their carbs in order to lose more fat.

I didn't answer, almost.

I usually DO NOT answer these emails and instead direct you to one of my comprehensive articles or videos or programs so you can answer the question yourself (which will also test how serious you are :) )

Why don't I answer all your emails?

To be honest, unless I know this person personally, I usually don't answer these emails BECAUSE unless you are MEASURING what you are doing nutritionally, there is NO ONE-MINUTE CHANGE THAT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

My advice would be useless because none of the other nutrition variables in your program are CONSTANT so you would have no way of measuring if this one-minute change actually worked or not.

Answering your question becomes a waste of time for me and asking your question becomes a waste of time for you.

As you know, I really do want want to see you build your best body so I do answer them but in a way that is more helpful because this person is asking the wrong question!

The Best Way I Can Answer Your Questions...

Unless you show me EXACTLY what you have been eating EVERY DAY for the past month and unless you have a way of controlling EVERY VARIABLE for the next month or so (to a realistic compliancy) then we have no way to determine if "dropping carbs" actually made a difference or not.

That's why I want to remind you that TODAY is your last chance to grab Vince DelMonte's and Empowered Nutritions 84-day "Done-For-You" Fat Loss Meal Plans.

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Remember the famous quote I shared with you recently?

"If it can not be measure then it can not be improved." Famous wise words.

Here's The Simple Truth

Simple truth: you probably have no idea what you're eating. You're not alone, 98% (or more) of the population is in the same boat.

That is only way 1-2% of the population actually have desirable, attractive and healthy physiques. I'm assuming you want to be one of them since you're still with me?

You may be applying "nutrition health tips" found in magazines like eat more protein, eat more frequently, get more fiber, eat veggies with every meal and all those other great tips.

And if you're getting the results you're after and look and feel the way you want then you don't have a problem.

Keep doing what you're doing and rock on!

If you ARE NOT, however, this is a major problem we can solve TODAY.

Here's Why The Meal Plans WORK

Let's say you follow the meal plan 80% of the time. So if there are 5 meals per day, 7 days a week, you have 35 meals to adhere to. You follow it 80% of the time meaning you eat 28 of the 35 meals. Not bad at all.

But what do you do if step on the scale after one week and nothing changed?

Maybe you need a new diet plan? Maybe you need to drop the calories? Maybe there is something wrong with our plans? Surely, this must be the case.


The solution is simple.

***Follow the meal plans better than you did last week.***

Aim for 85% compliancy.

Just like you try to lift an extra 5 pounds with your weights or do an extra rep, you should be applying the same principle of PROGRESSION to your nutrition. When you start getting closer to 90% compliancy, I promise you'll be standing out in EVERY crowd.

Without following the plan and knowing what you are eating you have no way of making improvements and are a victim of winging your nutrition and hoping the fat might magically come off.

Following A Meal Plans Is NOT For Everyone

There is no shame in admitting if this sounds too intense for you. Not everyone is meant to have a perfect body and not everyone is as committed to their health and fitness as others.

I'm the last one to point the finger :)

The only shame is believing that you're doing "everything right" when you're clearly not even coming close.

The reality is that if you are not following any sort of meal plan right now and were to FOLLOW to the Empowered Nutrition meal plans just 20% of the time and gradually complied more and more, you would easily and quickly start losing that next 10, 20 and 30 pounds of stubborn fat.

Your body will be in better HORMONAL BALANCE which will boost the fat burning hormones within your body so you can get into the best shape of your life - inside and out.

I think you know what you need to do now.

Grab your complete set of the 84-day meal plans here

To your sexy new body,

P.S. Hurry! Friday night at midnight, PST, the HALF-PRICE sale ends the Done-For-You Fat Loss Meal Plans DOUBLE in price. This is not a marketing gimmick. This is the TRUTH. Take advantage of the most powerful resource you can ever invest it while it's at a ridiculously affordable price.

Here's what you're going to do now:

1. Download the meal plans:

2. Use the calculator to figure out which plan to stat with.

3. Print off the first week and start your first healthy meal TODAY. Not tomorrow, not next week, not in a few months. Today. Now is the time. I can't wait to hear about your results.

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