Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An Old School Bodybuilding Tip For A Smaller Waist!

By Jeff Anderson

The "Old Timers" Of Bodybuilding May Have Been On To Something, Eh?

Whatever happened to the "old school" days when pro bodybuilders had tiny waists that gave them such an incredible "V-shape"?

Look at all the juiced-up pro's now...waists the size of redwood trees!

When did THIS become sexy?!

Forget it...what you REALLY want is a hornet-like waist that will make your shoulders and chest appear even BIGGER as you strut your stuff out on the beach this summer!

Here's a trick from the "old days" that works GREAT for keeping your waist cinched up tight...and doesn't require 1,000 situps!

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Old School Ab Tightener Trick
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Do this exercise once every single day.

(I do this first thing in the morning when I wake up and I'm lying in bed - can't get any lazier than that, right?)

First thing you do is exhale while pulling in your abdominal muscles like you're trying to suck your belly button all the way to the back of you spine.

Hold it and contract for a 10-second count and then release.

Take a 5 second breather and then repeat this procedure another 3 more times.

This'll wrap up those core ab muscles nice and tight like you're strapping on a girdle!

A lot of people taking my "Combat The Fat" fat-melting program ask me what's the very first thing I do in the morning to get the day started.

Well THIS is it!

Give er a try and you'll see why!

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