Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Burn The Fat" Fitness Motivation

Did you hear about last week's "Burn The Fat" Fitness Motivation event?  Everyone was talking about it because fat loss expert Tom Venuto has some interesting theories about the REAL underlying issue for the obesity problem and the real reasons that are STILL preventing people from getting in shape...

He says if you're not in shape, the reason could be in your head!

Sounds weird at first, but it makes sense when you analyze it.

Who doesn't know they should eat more fruits and veggies, get lean protein every day and burn more calories than they eat?

Heck, everyone knows that. The trouble is, most people can't get motivated enough to do it. Either that, or they diligently try, but negative programming lodged in their subconscious mind leads to self-sabotaging behavior (like eating the WHOLE container of Ice Cream!)

The truth is, the best nutrition or training program in the world won't help you if you don't have the mental strength to follow it.

As Tom says, "will power gets you started, but only habit keeps you going."

What separates the "wishful" dreamers from the successful achievers is the simple practice of taking daily ACTION on your goals. And what most people don't realize is that daily, consistent action is produced from unconscious behavior programming... also known as HABITS!

Tom Venuto is not just a fat loss expert, bodybuilder and former trainer with 20+ years experience in the business, he is also an expert in fitness motivation and personal
change psychology.

He has now developed a solution for anyone who has ever had problems which are actually related to the mind and motivation side of the fitness and fat loss equation:

Take a look at this checklist and see how many of these nutrition and training scenarios apply to you...

The more of these you check off, the more you will be interested in this information:

* You're good all day long, but you cave in to night time munchies

* You're good all week, but on the weekends, your eating falls apart

* You have a weakness to one (or more) stress or comfort foods and you just can't seem to say no (aka, emotional eating)

* When you travel, it just seems impossible to stay on your diet or your workout schedule

* You've yo-yo'd in the past -- you lost some wt. but then you either binged all at once, or slowly gained it back

* You have a problem being consistent with your workouts (you skip workouts a lot)

* You just cant seem to get motivated at all - you don't "feel" like working out.

How did you do? My guess is that you were checking away and you want to know more about the Tom's solutions for these motivation-related problems

There's only one bit of bad news: Tom's public offer for his new "operation motivation" program ended last week. 

His new goal achievement ebook and fitness motivation bonuses were pulled off the market until he sets up the websites where each will be sold separately.

The good news is, I know Tom personally, so with a little bit of arm-twisting, I got approval to give my subscribers a private invitation-only offer to extend the deadline on
getting his new motivation e-book package.

The best part is, it's fr-ee. (seriously).

You see, this package of ebooks and bonus reports is not for sale anywhere yet. The ONLY WAY you can get it, is by purchasing a copy of Tom's classic best selling ebook, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle.

When you get Tom's Burn The Fat ebook, you get the entire 7-part "operation motivation" package along with it, as a bonus.

To see what's included in the "Operation Motivation" package read on, or just jump to Tom's Private web page at:

Here's what's included in this "how to get motivated" package deal:

OPERATION MOTIVATION is a set of short lessons in ebook and special report format, that explain all the psychological skills (the stuff that goes on in your head), that you need to learn in order to make permanent changes to your habits and your lifestyle.

The flagship part of the program is Tom's new ebook, called "The Science of Goal Achievement: 10 Secrets of Subconscious mind power and 7 secrets of scientific goal setting."

This new e-book teaches the most important skill necessary for motivating yourself and making lifestyle changes.

It's different than any book ever written on the subject because it approaches motivation and goal-achieving from a scientific perspective and even explains how neuroscientists have proven that these principles work (it's not "psycho babble!")

Also in the OPERATION MOTIVATION package are the Following supporting ebooks and special reports (7 courses in all):

* MOTIVATIONAL PROPULSION SYSTEMS: How to program your mind to automatically and habitually exercise your body (If this doesn't light a FIRE under your butt, nothing will).

* THE NEW VISUALIZATION BREAKTHROUGH: Take advantage of the mind-body connection with the techniques sports psychologists have been teaching for decades, along with 1 new twist.

* SUCCESS SEMANTICS:  The psychological explanation for how Words can enhance or destroy your health and how to turn failure talk into success talk.

* THE GOAL ACHIEVER'S SECRET WEAPON: How a cheap little "tool" can install positive success programming into your mind.

* END EMOTIONAL EATING: Eating to cope with stress, depression or other feelings, or eating for the wrong reasons can totally undermine the best nutrition plan. Learn the 5-step formula to stop it once and for all.

* SELF IMAGE SECRETS: How the hidden image you hold of yourself in your mind is the prime reason for diet sabotage (and the same reason that 90% of lottery winners blow their winnings).

Maybe you're an emotional eater, maybe you have trouble getting started on a workout program, maybe you've started a dozen diets before and could never stick with any of them.

Regardless of your personal challenges, there's something in this package for everyone, as each person struggles with unique issues in his or her journey to get in shape and make the lifestyle changes last.

Until this Friday at midnight, you can get a copy of the OPERATION MOTIVATION package (in PDF instant download format) f-r-e-e when you purchase the Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle e-book from this web page:


Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is the "bible of fat loss" for tens of thousands of men and women in over 143 countries worldwide and if you don't have a copy yet, then this is a better opportunity than ever because you now get the MOTIVATION packages a bonus along with the Burn The Fat program.

The link below will take you to the invitation-only webpage where you can order or get the rest of the details. Please do not share this link with anyone - it's a private page for your eyes only:

To your success,

Arthur M.

PS Remember - the extra ebooks and special reports come along with the Burn The fat program as bonus GIFTS, but not for long, so you do need to respond quickly. After the deadline, the only way to get these new ebooks and reports will be to purchase them individually, or become a member of Tom's private Inner Circle website. The FINAL deadline is this Friday at Midnight PST.

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