Monday, July 13, 2009

Body Back Fast Works

If you have been skeptical about whether it is possible to lose weight after pregnancy, Body Back Fast will remove your doubt forever.

Here’s the testimonial of a client who has recently attained her ideal weight in 3 months:

Fit and Fab in 90 days! – Jessie Ng, 27, mother of 2, shares her story.  Jessie Ng is as busy as busy gets. She recently gave birth to her third child and juggles a high-stress job as marketing manager for an IT company.  She also has a very good reason to get in shape.

“My husband takes part in triathlons and is very fit. I am under pressure to look as good as he does,” she says. 

Her goal: To lose the excess weight from a recent pregnancy, tone up muscles and improve sluggish fitness level.

Obstacles: Time, dessert and motivation 

Results:  One month after following Body Back Fast, Jessie’s on her way to a new healthy lifestyle.

“The hardest part for me is starting, but once I take the first step, I feel good all over.” 

She has also started to do 15-minutes of Body back Fast exercises every day and feels that it is really helping to “shrink” her post-baby belly significantly.  Jessie's energy level is up and the pounds are dropping off.

To stay motivated, she has involved her husband into her workouts. “He likes it too and says his core is stronger now which helps with his runs.”

Her results after 90 days: 

Weight – 120 pounds 
Waist – 32 inch 
Hips – 41 inch 
Body fat – 32.2%

Weight – 108 pounds 
Waist – 27 inch 
Hips – 37 inch 
Body fat – 25% 

If she can do it, so can you!


Arthur M.

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