Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where's your nutritional template?

What could buying a wedding suit have to do with losing body fat?

A lot more than you think.

Especially when it comes to *Fat Loss Nutrition.*

I was just chatting with muscle and six-pack author, Vince DelMonte and he discovered some interesting similarities to help you BLAST YOUR FAT FASTER while he was shopping for a wedding suit.

Here's what Vince had to share:

"I always believed that creating a custom tailored wedding suit was an extremely complex, ultra expensive and required an overly experienced and skilled tailor. Yet, I found a tailor who made the process SIMPLE.

I discovered that every custom suit begins with a SINGLE TEMPLATE. Over time the and multiple fitting and modifications, eventually the suit becomes exquisitely tailored.

My revelation can be plainly put,
the perfect suit begins as NOTHING
MORE than a one-size-fits all template.

Nutritional perfection (fat loss and muscle building), requires the same.

You need to begin with a simple, basic nutritional template and test it out; tweaking it according to the results you experience, and only you.

Only by beginning here can you arrive at the final destination - a perfect nutrition and eventually a perfect body.

There is NO magic diet plan

As you have learned the past 2-weeks, there is no magic diet book or test or "eat right for your blood type" kind of solution.

In our combined 20-years of experience in the nutrition field, the best way you can get your best body ever is to follow a meal plan that is based on concrete nutritional principles plus your own informed trial-and-error.

In other words, you begin with a BASIC NUTRITIONAL PLAN, based on the best nutrition information available, test it and modify the nutritional plan based on if you're gaining muscle or losing fat.

The problem is that the 90% of the nutrition info available is CONFUSING, CONTRADICTING and CONSUMING.

Which is completely unnecessary and ridiculous.

Getting the perfect body and perfect
meal plan must begin with an ORIGIN

If you're not prepared to put in some time, effort, discipline and pay attention to a few details, then getting and keeping a rock hard body (forever) may NOT be in the cards for you.


But if you agree that you need a BASIC TEMPLATE that you can begin with from which to depart, a simple "done-for-you" template that start, test and modify (if even necessary).

Today I want to DIRECT YOU to the best FAT LOSS MEAL PLANS I've ever seen. Vince DelMonte and Empowered Nutrition want to give you a complete 3-phase system called, "Done-For-You" Fat Loss Meal Plans.

Every caloric amount is included. 84-days of variety for each plan. Grocery lists, delicious recipes and more.

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Today is the first day of a 72-hour HALF-PRICE special because these plans just went LIVE today. I highly recommend you pick up your 84-day meal plans if you're ready to lose your gut and love handles and get ripped!

Talk soon,

Arthur M.

P.S. Hurry! The half-price sale ends Friday night, July 3rd, at midnight and I know Vince, John and Pat have some cool fast-action bonuses to nail down your fat loss nutrition and perfect your body even faster.

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