Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ridding Yourself of Hopelessness

We’ve all been there at one point or another. Things seem impossible. We can’t same to get ahead or we fall off of the wagon of reaching our goals. We feel frustrated, direly and feel like throwing in the towel. Giving up seems like the answer as it seems impossible to keep going anymore. No matter how much easier it seems, giving up is never the right solution.

When you give up, you simply worsen your problems. Every time we quit something, we lower our self esteem, because we chalk up another failure, which in turn bottoms out our self esteem. And when our self esteem is lowered, we turn to our vices for comfort, as we see no reason not to. We don’t see any problem gobbling down a gallon of ice cream straight from the container when we are already 100 pounds overweight to begin with. “What are a few more pounds?” we ask ourselves.

This is terrible attitude to have and a very destructive one at that. This behavior results in an endless cycle of self loathing and self destruction. We can’t love ourselves when we don’t respect ourselves. Thankfully, Laura Fenamore has “been there, done that” and is ready to help you get out of this rut and put an end to this vicious cycle.

12 week Body Image Mastery Course will teach you how to finally feel better about yourself and get past the endless cycle of failures. In fact, not only will she have you liking yourself, you will LOVE yourself and be free from hopelessness and despair. The course guides you step by step to freedom being overweight. Let Laura teach you how to take off the weight for good and love your body forever. You will be so very happy that you did.

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