Thursday, June 25, 2009

Love Me, Love My Body

Many women wish that they loved themselves, but oftentimes bad body image gets in the way preventing them from being so loving. We are constantly bombarded with images of beautiful, exotic, statuesque women staring out at us from the covers of magazines, looking ultra glamorous on television and in the movies. The one thing they all have in common?  They are skinny.

It is no fun to have the ideal of beauty dictated to you, especially when you don’t fit the mold. There are millions of Americans who are overweight. While you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone, it doesn’t make it feel any better to know that you are in the crowd labeled “fat”. It is frustrating and depressing to be overweight, especially when you have been trying for years to do something to change it.

Some of us, no matter how hard we try, can’t seem to get the scales to budge. We try every diet known to man, exercise until we feel like we need a stretcher to carry us off, and still, nothing. We look in the mirror and are disgusted with ourselves. Soon we refuse to look in the mirror, because we have started to hate the person we see reflected in it.

What is especially sad about this the outside makes us forget about the wonderful person on the inside. We lose sight of that because we live in a society in which so much emphasis is put on appearance. Sometimes we start to change on the inside too as we turn to things to help us cope. For some it’s drugs, for others alcohol. Before we know it, the part of us we should love is being stolen from us too, leaving nothing behind and leading us to despair.

Laura Fenamore has been there. She was suicidal, a drunk and 103 pounds overweight, all by the age of 24. One day she had an epiphany and was able to completely turn her life around for good. Now she shares all of her insider first-hand knowledge with you in her
12 week Body Image Mastery Course which will completely change your life. Laura shares over 20 years of experience with you explaining how step by step to transform your body, heal your inner self and learn to love yourself. You will never, ever be overweight again.

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