Friday, June 19, 2009

A Body Image Wakeup Call

Are you at the end of your rope and just about ready to let the rope slide right out of your hands? You’re not alone. We all have our fair share of problems. Take the story of Laura Fenamore for example. At the age of 24, Laura was 103 pounds overweight, a drunk and suicidal. She hated herself and was fed up with people making fun of her.

Laura decided to do something about it, but differently this time. She had been concentrating her focus on the outside, trying to work on remodeling her body into the thinner, healthier modal she wanted it to be, but that wasn’t working. She was the biggest she had ever been and showed no signs of slowing down her weight gain. Something had to give.

All of a sudden it dawned on her. She needed to make some major life changes, but not just to her body on the outside, but more importantly on the inside. She first realized you can’t love anyone else, nor can they love you until you love yourself. The moment she realized this, it was like an epiphany, a new dawning of sorts.

Once people can come to terms with the root of the problem internally, they can solve all the issues that arise symptomatically. The tendencies to overeat and to drink too much were not happening without reason. These bad habits were occurring as part of a much greater problem that was rooted deep within Laura’s psyche. Once she realized this, everything became crystal clear and she was able to focus on the source of the problem which is always the ideal when trying to solve anything for good.

When Laura started loving herself she no longer wanted to destroy herself. The weight started to just fall off. She lost an AMAZING 103 pounds in less than a year. That is absolutely remarkable. And she did it all on her own. No surgeries or gimmicky fad diets. This is a life changing method that will get the weight off fast and keep it off forever.

Once Laura made this tremendous discovery, she decided that she wanted to share it with others to help rid them of the same pain and suffering she was going through being overweight and thinking there was no hope for change. She had tried everything to no avail and was ready to give up. Now Laura has devised an awesome 12 week course that allows you to learn just how Laura turned her life around and arm yourself with this knowledge to make it work the same way for you. It really is life changing and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

In her wonderful
Body Image Mastery Course, Laura lays out all the details taking you step by step through the process that will completely transform your body into the ideal you have been seeking. Laura will impart her over 20 years of experience and expertise to make you realize your goals and dream. You will come out of the course, healthier than ever before with a renewed outlook on life and a love and respect for yourself and your body that you never realized you were capable of before.

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