Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The One Thing NOT to Do if You Want to Change Your Body

Did you blow your diet on the weekend? Did you skip your workouts?

Don't worry, it happens. It's not your fault.

But here's one thing you must NOT do if you want to get back on track and transforming your body.

Do NOT hit the "cardio confessional", as my friend and world-famous fitness expert and author of Turbulence Training, Craig Ballantyne, likes to say.

After all, you can't out-train a bad diet. It's impossible.

So don't hop on the cardio machine for 90 minutes because you are only going to be disappointed by the lack of results. Heck, studies even show that 300 hours of cardio in a year only helps folks like us lose a measly 5 pounds.

We need something better. And here are the 3 secrets to fat loss.

1) You need to forget about the weekend and get back on your diet of whole, natural foods. One of America's top nutritionists, Dr. Chris Mohr, gives you the exact plan to follow along with the Turbulence Training workouts.

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2) You also need social support. That means going online, and spending time in the Turbulence Training member's forum where you can ask expert Craig Ballantyne any fat loss question you want.

Plus, you'll get positive support and encouragement from other folks just like you all over the world who want to lose fat and change their bodies too.

3) You need short, burst fat burning workouts that get you more results in less time...and that you actually enjoy doing.

That's why Craig Ballantyne is giving you FIVE free workouts this week when you grab your copy of the NEW and improved Turbulence Training for Fat Loss workout routine.

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You'll get the exact workouts used by his TT Transformation Contest winners who lost up to 34 pounds in just 12 weeks.

Simply use the exact same workouts, nutrition, and social support forum as past winners did and you could win up to $1000 in the 5th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.


Today is the last day to enter.

So grab your copy of Turbulence Training and start losing belly fat (and maybe even winning money!) today.

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Don't wait another day to start transforming your body,

Arthur M.

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