Saturday, May 23, 2009

Get Fit After Kids takes the Hard Work out of Losing Weight

One thing that most constantly surprises me about people who claim that they want to get fit or become healthier is that they usually seem to have so little idea about exactly what they need to do.

It’s like they are ‘wannabe’ car mechanics who have never opened an automobile hood in their lives, or a brain surgeon who skipped medical school entirely. They simply have no idea what they are talking about, apart from some vague, general idea about ‘being healthier’.

Now, imagine that the greenhorn mechanic was just about to take his (no doubt borrowed) tools to the engine of your vehicle.

Or that the brain surgeon was calmly telling you, as you slowly drift off into an anesthetized sleep, that things were surely going to be alright, as he had watched ‘ER’ on many occasions, so he knows what he’s doing!

Either way, it’s a pretty terrifying scenario, but this is exactly the way most people approach the idea of getting healthier.

And then they are amazed that it does not work!

It is simple logic, if you didn’t have the correct information and you didn’t know what you were doing, how could you succeed?

If you are serious about becoming healthy, you need to take it seriously.

You need the facts, but to find everything that you must know gathered together in one place has just not been easy.

Until now…

The superb new book ‘Get Fit After Kids‘is like a complete workshop manual that shows you, is stunning detail, everything that you must do to become healthier and fitter than you have ever been.

Living a healthy life affects everything you do, every single day of your life.

If you truly want to be as healthy as you can be, then you must have the knowledge necessary to arrive at that point.

‘Get Fit After Kids’ is the best source that I know of for such detailed knowledge, and is the only health ‘workshop manual’ that you will ever need.

Thank you for reading,

Arthur M.

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