Saturday, May 23, 2009

Do You Need 'Cardio' In Order To Lose Weight?

- By George Black

I was recently asked this question:

"How much cardio do I need each day to lose weight?"

My answer: You don't "need" any cardio (aerobic training) to lose the fat. Not to say that you shouldn't do it - but I'd rather see you do it only AFTER you have some resistance training in place. Remember: we want to build lean muscle and burn more calories even at rest. That's the best way to lose fat.

Now, if you want to add cardio as a means of increasing your activity level and the calories you expend, I suggest you start slow - maybe do 15-minute sessions on the stationary bike - and then increase as you go. Most people who start cardio like a bull at the gate (doing 60 minutes every day) burn out quickly and stop after a few days. Start slowly and build up from there. Find an activity you enjoy. Then stick with it.

I think cardio may help but it's greatly overrated. It's definitely not the "king" of fat loss as many have preached for ages. Proper nutrition and weight training are much more important to the process.

By the way, as I type this, I'm sure that many people are reading in disbelief and saying "This guy is nuts. No cardio? Where did he come from, Mars?" I can appreciate their concern. They have been bombarded with "cardio stuff" from every possible direction for years.

More and more people take "cardio classes" today. But why are people getting fatter and fatter? You tell me.

Doctors have "prescribed" aerobic training over anaerobic for years - mainly because they have no clue about strength training. If you don't believe me, look at your doctor and see how out of shape he is.

For all it's worth, I think I can "take" almost any doctor in a strength and endurance contest with the winner taking it all - and I hardly do any aerobics. I have more important things to do - like play videogames for example (Hey, I think it's sad that more people don't play videogames in today's society but this is another discussion altogether :-)

It doesn't matter if you agree with me or not. If you want me to "go with the flow" and "play it safe" and tell you what everybody else tells you, let me tell you that it ain't gonna happen. I'm giving you the facts (not theories or philosophies). If you want to follow them, that's fine. If not, that's fine too. I'm doing the best I can and hope my advice doesn't fall on "deaf ears".

Weight lifting and strength training rule when it comes to transforming your body once and for all...

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