Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are You Tired of False Promises?

Hi, it's Matt Lisk from The Burrito Diet, and last time I wrote to you, I told you about one of the reasons the The Burrito Diet works. It's called the Thermic Effect of Feeding. When I first read about it, I thought, "Gee, this makes so much sense, but how does it really work?"

For years I have battled my weight, and my weight won. In fact, my little weight problem developed into obesity and severe, life-threatening health problems. I tried to lose weight, but I could not sustain my loss. The weight would return with a vengeance. I'd lose a few pounds, but they kept coming back worse than before! What about you? Are your clothes fitting a little tighter than usual? Are you moving up in sizes or having your clothes altered for the new you? Tell me about it.

Look, we're not alone. Most people start wrestling with their weight as they get older. Just look at the people you see every day at work or at church or at school. The problem is that all of these diets are full of false promises. They all make "fat" claims about how they will change your life forever, but if it's so easy then why aren't more of us in better shape, right?

Well, I truly think that The Burrito Diet is exactly what normal folks like you and I are looking for. It will provide adequate nourishment for you so you'll never feel hungry; you won't walk around starving yourself, always hungry and irritable. As long as you follow my instructions and recommendations, you will continue to lose excess fat for as long as you want.

No matter how much weight you want to lose, 20 pounds or 200 pounds, you can maintain this diet forever, and sustain your weight loss - and that's the most important part, isn't it?

You won't find this dietary strategy anywhere else in the world. It's copyrighted and protected by me. And unlike all of those other diets you've read about that are filled with false promises, The Burrito Diet is based on my personal experience and success with weight loss. And it's fun! Just try it for yourself and see. Go here now:

To your health and happiness,

Matt Lisk
The Burrito Diet

P.S.: If you are reading this last sentence, then I know you are curious to learn more. Start living a happier and healthier life right now. This could be the most important decision you've ever made. Read all about it here:

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