Saturday, April 18, 2009

Taking Control of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is rampant in today's society. While it is easy to blame Western lifestyles as a whole, it is much more practical to make an effort to remedy the situation than to try to pin the fault on someone else. Indeed, our overall lifestyle plays a significant role in the frequency of childhood obesity, but when families work together to move past these problems then the entire crisis can begin to lose its strength.

The key is that children are currently eating far too much, are eating the wrong foods, and are not even coming close to getting enough exercise. When you combine these three issues, it becomes a sizeable cause to childhood obesity. Sizeable, but not unbeatable. In fact, families around the globe are already using the instructions within an important new book to slash obesity rates worldwide. But more about that in a moment.

Although there is nothing wrong with allowing your children to watch television, play video games, or spend some time online, the key is to make sure that this inactive time is balanced with periods of higher activity where the kids get up and move around; using their muscles and getting their hearts pumping. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with an occasional treat of potato chips or sodas, but this should not be a regular snack. Treats should be just that. If it is something that is consumed every day, it's not special anymore. This takes its toll on the waistline and adds to the childhood obesity rates.

Even if only one member of the family suffers from childhood obesity, it remains a family effort to overcome. This means that every family member must take part in combating childhood obesity and adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Remember that though there are many different efforts that you can make to take childhood obesity right out of your family, you can't make all of those changes at once. Otherwise, either your child will rebel against the changes, or you'll all feel motivated at first and then lose that drive shortly afterward. Take things slowly and remember that even if drastic measures are necessary to eliminate childhood obesity, you are the parent and are in control.

To achieve that control, and to know what changes should be made at which times, it doesn't hurt to get a bit of support from your child's pediatrician, as well as from a guidebook that specializes in Avoiding Childhood Obesity through a series of achievable techniques, tips, and strategies.
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