Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Jenny Craig Diet

The Jenny Craig diet is not so much a diet but a weight loss program that is based around special packaged food. The program operates out of weight loss centers around the world. These are run on a franchise basis - that is, the owner of the franchise is thoroughly trained in operating the program and is licensed to use the company name and sell Jenny Craig products.

What Can You Expect?

If you sign up with the Jenny Craig program you can expect to visit one of their centers to meet with a weight loss counselor. This will establish what your calorie level should be depending on your current build and the amount of weight that you want to lose. You will sign up to the program for a certain length of time or until you have reached your target weight.

You will then be advised on your nutritional program which will include the special food that you buy from them. You will return once a week to be weighed, buy more food and discuss your progress and any problems you are having.

If you do not live near a center or if you prefer not to have one on one sessions in person, you can take the counseling by phone and have the supplies delivered.

Why Does It Work?

This is a calorie controlled diet, which together with exercise should ensure weight loss if you follow it.

The weekly weighing session means that you have someone out there who knows how you are doing. You can also have phone calls with the counselors. Being accountable to someone in this way often helps people to lose weight or keep to any other resolution that they make.

Any Negatives?

Like all diets involving special food that you would not normally eat, it can be difficult to limit yourself to their meal choices and it is likely to be hard to keep the weight off afterward. On the other hand if you like not having to cook or think about what to eat, the prepared meals will suit you just fine.

The food is prepared with a fairly high sodium content and is not necessarily low on the glycemic index so it will not suit everybody. If you are insulin resistant or have high blood pressure or other special nutritional needs you may not be able to take the program. They do advise you to see your doctor before starting (as with all diet programs) and they give you an information sheet to take along.

Both the membership and the food that you need to buy can be expensive. Shipping is extra if you have the supplies delivered. You may be better off with a program that is based around regular food, such as Weight Watchers. Do find out what your costs are likely to be for food as well as counseling before signing up for the Jenny Craig diet.

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