Sunday, April 19, 2009

Causes and Cures for Childhood Obesity

Never at any point in history has childhood obesity played such an integral role in our everyday lives as it does today. In fact, the condition has now reached the level of an epidemic, as six out of every ten individuals in the developed world have already reached some degree of being overweight. Childhood obesity is a serious issue that can
cause numerous physical and psychological conditions - some of which can be quite dangerous or even (in rare circumstances) deadly. In fact, childhood obesity is not only linked to problems that a kid can experience during his or her youth, but it can also lead to problems later on in life. Health concerns can range from high blood pressure and cholesterol levels to diabetes and cancer.

There are many common causes of childhood obesity. Among them are:

Family lifestyle - if other family members, especially parents, are overweight, then there is a much higher risk that the children in the family will suffer from childhood obesity. Parental behavioral patterns are imitated by the children, including the approach to eating and exercising.

Sedentary lifestyle - children who spend their free time playing video games, watching television, and surfing the internet without breaking for significant periods of physical activity are more likely to perpetuate their sedentary behaviors throughout their lives and eat higher-calorie snacks throughout the time that they are inactive. This lifestyle lacking healthy activity levels is a leading cause of childhood obesity.

Heredity - in many ways, heredity can notably increase the risk of childhood obesity in a kid, regardless of whether he or she has been eating relatively well and exercising regularly.

Health issues - some physical conditions and disorders can increase the possibility of childhood obesity due to hormonal imbalances, side effects to medications, and other medical issues.

No matter the cause of the childhood obesity, with the support of a medical doctor and the right weight loss strategy, every child can achieve and maintain a healthy body mass. Though each child will require his or her own unique angle, the incorporation of proper eating and adequate activity levels will make the necessary difference. Additional techniques for dealing with childhood obesity in an understanding and practical way can be found in Avoiding Childhood Obesity. This guide shows that there is a way out of the vicious cycle of childhood obesity and it can be achieved within your own family.
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