Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review of OMG Fat Loss

OMG Fat Loss includes fool-proof diet and fitness strategies you can implement right away to get rid of all you unwanted fat, in addition to a lifestyle behavioral program that will the keep the fat off. It is by far the most value for the money, comprehensive and simple guide you’ll find both online and offline.

It uses the most clinically proven successful weight loss strategies of people who have on average permanently lost over 65 pounds of weight. Why do I know it will work for you? You’ll be interested to know this program has been clinically tested and refined by Dr Marc Lawrence, a board certified physician nutrition specialist and weight loss expert, with his own clients and patients.  So, you can be assured that OMG Fat Loss is a practical guide to permanent weight loss for real-world, busy people whether they are eating out, cooking at home, or shopping at the grocery store.

The key to long term and permanent fat loss
Without a lifestyle change you’re highly susceptible to a lifetime of yo-yo dieting. On OMG you’ll be making small changes to your lifestyle in just 21 days, that will produce big changes in the way your clothes fit, your outlook on life, and the way others perceive you. And remember these are the same lifestyle changes that helped these Biggest Fat Loss Losers lose over 65 pounds, so you know they work.

With OMG you’ll be putting your weight loss on auto-pilot and losing weight like its second nature, because it is!

As part of the OMG you’ll also discover:

* A food ranking system that is 780% more effective for weight loss than low carb, low fat, high fiber and high protein.

* My best fat burning recipes that come straight from my popular weight-loss cooking classes. You’ll also learn how to make your favorite recipes without    sacrificing flavor.. Hint: It has nothing to do with cutting out the fat, or using artificial sweetners such as Splenda. This is real food!

* How to shop for the foods that will help you lose weight. Most of these foods are not even marketed as weight loss foods, so you’ll be saving money as you lose weight.. while avoiding the expense and the ineffective “diet” foods that are probably making you fat in the first place.

* Simple strategies that will have you losing weight even when you eat out.  Over 20,000 restuarant menu items ranked by my OMG food ranking system

* A prepared meal plan that will save you up to $368 per month off of Jenny Craig and NutriSystem.

Still not convinced?

When you go to OMG Fat Loss you’ll see a video of a client of Dr Marc who lost 67 pounds on OMG. Her name is Michael and she was a typical yo-yo dieter who tried and failed multiple diet programs including Atkins and Weight Watchers before finding lasting success with OMG. See the video and you’ll also get a valuable tip on a lifestyle change you can easily do right now that will help you lose the weight for good!

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