Saturday, March 21, 2009

No Joke...100+ pounds lost and kept off for over 21 years!

Nope, "100+ pounds lost and kept off for over 21 years" wasn't a misprint and if you haven't heard about this yet, then definitely go check it out:


Look, I was kinda skeptical when I heard about this – but the proof is in the "puddin!” You actually get to see her before and after pictures in the video. 

Check it out....


So, the story is that this woman used a technique that practically forced her to lose over 100 pounds...and the kicker is she hasn't gained ANY of it back in over 21 years!

I don't know about you but I don't know many people that have kept that much weight for that long of a time!

Look, you've probably tried a bunch of different diets and exercise programs with temporary success only to gain the weight back---and then some!

The cool thing is that what she did had VERY little to do with dieting and exercise programs... and nothing to do with drugs or pills whatsoever...

In fact, this is SO extraordinary that even Oprah came out and said that she finally realizes that this is the REAL way to solve her ongoing weight problem.

So if you are tired of endless dieting and tiresome exercise which has gotten you nowhere then you need to watch this video...


Arthur M.

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