Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Company vs. A Movement

I can remember, with almost perfect clarity, what if felt like to release weight week after week after week when I was 24 years old. I had been obese through my entire childhood and as a teenager. I don’t have to tell you the pain that went along with being “the fat kid” – a lot of you either shared that pain, or share a different one, as we watch our own kids become part of the obesity epidemic and grow heavier and heavier. I often wondered why I had success at weight loss and so many others did not.

Ten pounds – twenty pounds – a hundred pounds – chances are that MOST of you who read this have struggled with weight loss, and the low body image and self esteem issues that go with it, for years of your life.

Since my early twenties that I haven’t worked to keep that weight off. My commitment to keeping my weight off is about self-love and self-care, not just about liking being thin. And to inspire others to discover their own bodies in a new way. That work became so important to me that I have become a well-known speaker and mentor in the transformational movement, and built two very successful companies to empower others. I am also privileged to have inspired hundreds of people to create permanent change in their lives with a NEW philosophy.

I share all of this because I know ONE thing above all others: I know that hating our bodies can never heal them.

However, something still needs to shift. For every one person who loses ten pounds, ten more are gaining it (or gaining it back). As Americans, we have literally shifted the scales of our lives toward obesity, diabetes, heart disease, poor self-esteem, low body image, and on and on and on. We need to shift those scales back. And so, I am making a shift in my own life to be part of that effort – that movement of the scales.

Our bodies are amazing. Have you ever been given any other gift that runs 24/7, works tirelessly without being taught, and will always provide a home for you? Your body will never turn you away – even after you’ve beaten it up, called it horrible names, degraded it, and even hated it. It will just stay there, supporting you endlessly. What lover would do that?

Yet women seem to find their bodies so unlovable. Skinny, fat, hairy, short—we call ourselves such unkind names. Every waking hour of our lives, we criticize and express frustration, displeasure and even hate. Why? Because our bodies are truly that hideous? Or is it just that it’s so much easier to condemn the problems that we face each day than to take loving responsibility to create change? Loving our bodies – ourselves – doesn’t have to be so hard.

Loving your body can be as simple as loving a single finger on your hand. When I began my personal weight loss journey, I could find nothing about myself to love. A friend suggested that I start with just one pinky. “You have to start somewhere,” she said. Twenty-one years later, that loving place to start has stayed with me, and I have discovered the joys of loving my entire body.

In response to the enormous lack of love and personal sustainability in our world and our bodies, I am starting a new journey. A Body Image Revolution. And I invite all of you who read this to join me, and to invite your own friends, colleagues and relatives to join also.

If you don’t think you could love your body, I ask you one question:

Could you start today by loving just one pinky?

To YOUR personal Body Image Revolution,

Laura Fenamore, CPCC and Body Image Mastery Mentor

On March 30, I will launch my Body Image Mastery Course and Community, “One” Hold your space, this is going to be huge!

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