Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RE: He's PAYING you for losing fat again?

What would you say if I told you some fat loss guy on the
Internet is actually paying people to lose fat?

What's that?  You'd call me crazy?  A liar?  Or worse?

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if you did, because it's not
every day that you can actually get paid to trade in your
body for a new energy charged, lean, strong and healthy one-

-BUT today you can.  Give me 2 minutes to explain a moment:

I just learned that fat loss and fitness expert Rob Poulos
(that fat loss guy on the Internet ;-)) has really gone out
of his way to give you the EXTRA MOTIVATION you need to
finally shed that stubborn body fat, trim that waist, and
sculpt some legs and a rear end to be proud of...

...what is he doing? Well it actually IS kind of crazy, to
be honest-

-Rob is holding his 2nd annual Fat Burning Furnace NEW BODY
CHALLENGE...and he's paying 2300 Dollars CASH out of his own pocket to the people that make the most startling body
transformations over the next 10 weeks...

...yeah, I know, how cool is this?

Get in your best shape ever AND g.et paid to do it!


Not only that, but Rob also told me he's updated his popular
step by step '10 Week Summer Shape Up Guide' and is giving
it to anyone who claims a copy of his bestselling Fat
Burning Furnace system over the next 72 hours-

-Rob created this guide to make it even easier to surprise
your f.riends and look your best in your bathing suit this

..PLUS, it's Rob's personal roadmap to w.inning his own
contest...he's basically spoonfeeding it to you so you can
claim your share of the 2300 dollars in cash prizes.

You see, Rob is the author of "Fat Burning Furnace", a
worldwide top selling step by step plan that reveals the
secrets and unique techniques he and his wife used to lose a
combined 101 pounds of blubber, 10 inches off his waist, and
8 of her dress sizes in a matter of months (you can see
their shocking transformations on his website)...

...and they did it without boring cardio, without
restrictive fad diets, and without dangerous fat loss pills
or junky exercise gizmos...And-

-his blueprint has already helped thousands of people trade
in their former fat selves for a new leaner and se.xy body:

In fact, reports from readers of Fat Burning Furnace show
that they lose an average of 26 pounds of pure fat from
their bodies anywhere from 30-70 days.  Have you ever seen
26 pounds of pure fat?  It's about the size of 104 sticks of
butter, so-

-just imagine stripping 104 sticks of butter or more from
your body over the next 10 weeks and you'll get a good idea
of what can happen when you simply copy Rob's plan.

BUT...you don't even have to enter his contest to get his
bonus 10-week summer shape up guide...

...in fact, when you claim your copy of Rob's revealing FBF
system,  you're also going to get 2 more AUDIO bonuses with
tricks on creating unstoppable fat loss motivation, and how
to program your mind so you can easily stick with Rob's


-If you are ready to take some REAL action on finally
looking your best and feeling proud of your body in that
bathing suit this Summer, and claim your copy of Rob's Fat
Burning Furnace step by step plan by midnight on Friday
February 20th, he'll give you these 3 Fat Loss Bonuses "on
the house":


These bonuses are valued at over 77 bucks...but once you
claim your copy of Rob's fat loss plan (Fat Burning Furnace)
now, you're going to get them all F-R-E-E...

...but when the clock strikes Midnight Eastern Time on
Friday February 20th, IT'S ALL OVER-

-The 3 Fat Loss Bonuses go back into Rob's fat loss and
fitness VAULT, and anyone who has claimed their copy will be
eligible for the 2300 dollars in cash prizes.

If you miss out, you won't get the bonuses and you won't be
eligible to win the cash.

Go ahead and tap the link below to grab your fr.eebies and
make yourself eligible for the cash now:


I hope you take a couple of minutes to check this

...only a small percentage of people ever achieve the kind
of body they truly desire...the one that has their f.riends
in awe or are just plain jealous of.

Rob and thousands of his readers have done that (you can
read and listen to quotes from his readers on his website)

And an even smaller percentage of people are truly happy
with the way they look in a hot and fashionable

-NOW is the perfect time to CHANGE all of that for

Here's to shaping up for Summer and staying lean for life,

Arthur M.

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