Friday, February 20, 2009

New Body Challenge Contest

You know that New Body Challenge contest I told you about the other day?

The one where you can win your share of 2300 bucks in cash and get a step by step 10-week summer shape up blueprint to follow to win it?

Yeah, that one!

Well, it was supposed to be over and done on Thursday, but the contest creator, Rob Poulos, just called me to let me know he ran into a bit of a problem...

See, because of the huge amount of hits Rob's been receiving at his site, especially from international visitors, he had some trouble processing all of the orders for his Fat
Burning Furnace system-

-you can imagine he had quite a few angry visitors who couldn't get their hands on his system and limited bonuses... just to be fair to everybody, he's had to extend the deadline to this Sunday, February 22nd, just before midnight eastern time.

So if you missed the 1st deadline for any reason, or haven't heard about this new chance at your NEW BODY, you're going to thank me later...

Just tap the link below to get started:

Alright that's it for now...

Here's to stepping into your new body this summer and stepping out onto that beach feeling confident and looking your very best ever,

Arthur M.

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