Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's not your fault...

I want to you to understand something VERY important:

Most people blame themselves because they can't lose the
stubborn fat they want to...or get the s.exy body they
want...or get the teenager-like energy they want...the list
goes on...BUT-

-YOU CAN'T WIN THIS WAY...beating yourself up and
disapproving of yourself will only create more self doubt in
your mind and have you believing that it's your fault you're
not as lean or fit as you'd like to be.  That is complete

(By the way, if you sit on your butt and do nothing, then
YES, it is your fault, but I'm talking about most people who
are out there at least trying to get it done)

Here's the TRUTH:

There is a lot of crap out there in the fat loss and fitness
industry (magic pills, gizmos, etc.) that just doesn't work
and is only aimed at swiping your hard earned money...

...And there is some good stuff out there too...

...BUT the BIG PROBLEM for people today is that even with
the good stuff, it usually requires you to sacrifice way too
much time enjoying your hobbies and family...or basically
just enjoying life!

You thought it was your fault...maybe you were insecure,
wanted to know what to do, wanted to know the answer.
Perhaps you tried harder, worked longer, disapproved of
yourself, maybe even beat yourself up, and STILL couldn't
solve the problem.  UNTIL-

-Until you stepped outside of this SELF BLAME GAME and
started to create a more intelligent approach to getting the
lean, strong, and attractive body most people never
achieve... approach that sees fat loss and fitness as a life long
approach, not something you do for a few weeks and then
stop... approach that understands there is more to life than
working out or obsessing over your diet... approach that provides the most efficient and easiest
to follow workout and diet techniques in just a few minutes
each week...

This approach is a collection of techniques and secrets that
is now known worldwide as 'Fat Burning Furnace'.  Nearly
80,000 people have benefited from the techniques Rob Poulos
has put together...But-

-It NEVER would have happened if he had continued to blame
himself for his fat loss troubles.

Instead, he decided to let all of that disapproval go away,
and Rob began finding a practical approach that could work
for the rest of his now lean, strong, and healthy life.

So if you're still playing the "SELF BLAME GAME", STOP! It's
not your fault.  Step outside of the disapproving of
yourself...and once you've done that, get a PLAN that is
realistic and will actually work over the long haul, like

AND to kickstart that for you, I want to remind you that
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IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE THIS ALREADY, you're going to finally
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-If you aren't using the techniques and tricks in my FBF
system yet, and you want to finally get serious and be
accountable for your fat loss success, I urge you to
consider taking Rob up on his FBF NEW BODY've only got 1 day left...

...this is where you can not only burn off that stubborn
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And you're also going to get Rob's 10-week summer shape up
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more bonuses...

Go ahead and check out the details before it's too late

Here's to getting lean and shaping up for summer,
Arthur M.

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You have just TODAY to decide...

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