Friday, November 21, 2014

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced Fat Loss Diet

You know what I really hate?

I hate the fact that almost every single diet out there is created as an end all be all diet that will work for everyone. When… in reality, everyone is different and not every diet will fit into your lifestyle which means… you won’t do it!

The good news is… for today’s fast action CT-50 bonus, my good friend Tyler created a system called The Flat Belly Accelerator Diet And Fat Loss tracker Journal.

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Just like his CT-50 system, he took a progressive approach to fat loss that I’ve never seen done before…

Instead of offering up one diet that he expects everyone to follow, Tyler created 3 different diets, each one more complex then the one before it.

The beginner or Phase 1 diet, is really quite simple… He has a few rules in there, no calorie counting whatsoever and offers up a no holds barred cheat day. And… if you’re a beginner, he’s seen people loss up to 32lbs in 30 days using just this Phase 1 diet.

And… if Phase 1 is to simple, he expands it even further into a section for intermediate dieters with those last 10lbs of fat too lose. He calls this the Phase 2 diet and it’s a bit more challenging, but the results will astound you! If you follow this diet even just for 30 days, your body, health and energy will be completely transformed.

Finally… if the Phase 2 diet is still too easy for you, Tyler created a Phase 3 “cleanse” diet which is only meant to do for 2 weeks max. The reason for this is he doesn’t want you to lose weight too fast like he did when he first started testing this diet. In FACT, he told me the story of his first test on it. He said…

“I started Phase 3 with the intention of cleansing my body and figured I would lose a pound or two in the process. I committed to 28 days and about 7 days into it the weight loss began to accelerate. I ended up losing 14lbs in those 28 days and the crazy part is that I was not even trying to lose weight! In fact, my wife will tell you how annoyed she was that I had to spend hours a day eating just to prevent myself from losing weight even faster.”

His wife also tried it and effortlessly lost 8lbs and she was already skinny!

The point is, there’s a diet for everyone and if you’re stuck in a diet rut, I highly recommend you grab a copy of The (3 Phase) Flat Belly Accelerator Diet And Fat Loss Tracker Journal while it’s free…

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Ohh… and I almost forgot to mention that this bonus also includes the Fat Loss Tracker Journal that Tyler designed after coaching people through over 8 different body transformation challenges.

This journal is super easy to use and helps keep you accountable to your diet plan so you succeed! Get it free here…

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To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Burn fat AFTER your workout by doing these 3 exercises (study)

Today I want to share with you one of the biggest secrets in fat burning that you MUST know.

What’s the secret?

It’s not how many calories you burn during the workout that matters.

It’s how many calories you burn after the workout that helps you burn the most fat.

Let’s put this into perspective.

Say you do one hour-long workout and burn a total of 450 calories during that session.

You think you’re doing pretty good, right? 450 calories is going to yield you a weight loss of almost a pound a week if you do this daily.

But this workout did little for your metabolic rate, so once you’re finished, your calorie burn returns back down to baseline.

Now let’s take a second person. This person does a 30 minute session that contains a different type of exercise – a more intense exercise that’s going to target an increase in your resting metabolic rate.

This person only burns 300 calories in that session since it’s only 30 minutes in length (but it is more intense, so they burn more per minute while doing it).

But that’s not where the real magic happens.

The real magic takes place when this workout causes you to burn 10 more calories per hour more than you normally would for 24 hours after the workout is completed.

Now, 10 calories per hour above baseline may not seem all that special, but let’s do the math.

Calorie burn during the workout = 300.
Calorie burn after the workout = 10 X 24 = 240

Total Calorie burn = 540

So now you have 540 calories versus 450 calories and you exercised half as long.

See the power in that?

This is how you need to structure your workouts.

And how do you do that?

This is the power of metabolic workouts.

They help you burn fat even after the workout.

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The AWESOME thing about metabolic training is the fact that by performing them, you are increasing your resting metabolic rate that we just mentioned above because of the nature of the workout design.

One study recently published in the Metabolism journal noted this very thing.

When subjects performed one of two exercise training protocols, either an endurance training protocol or a high intensity interval training protocol, despite the fact that the endurance training protocol utilized over twice as much energy to perform the session (120.4MJ versus 57.9MJ), when corrected for the energy cost of training, the sum of the skinfold reduction after the training period indicated that the high intensity program was nine fold greater than the endurance training group.

What does this mean?

Working out using interval training was WAY more effective than long-cardio workouts

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In the study above subjects lost 9X more total body fat by doing interval training versus endurance training.

So the results are clear. If you want fat loss, interval training should be the name of your game and there’s no better way to do interval training than through using bodyweight exercises.

If you are still stuck on the treadmill doing hour after hour of cardio training, it’s time to put an end to that.

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You will never look at a workout the same way again.